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Bathtub Reglazing Does it Work? And Will It Last?

bathtub reglazing

Have you ever look at your bathtub, shower or sink with all these stains between the tile and worn out look and nothing you use can clean it or make it look as good as your bathroom looks?

Well let me tell you there is a way to make your bathroom look like new and yes it is cheaper than playing a contractor or plumber, no dust no trash no noise, here let me tell you!

Bathtub Reglazing is it worth the time, money and effort? 

Will it accomplish the desired results and turn your old worn out bathtub to its former glory? 

Will its refinished look last? 

The answer to these questions is “Yes” if the bathtub reglazing job is done professional with reglazing experience.


Bathtub Reglazing allows you to save time and money when you’re trying to give your bathroom a fresh new look. The cost of replacing a bathtub can add up quickly, when installing a new tub, often the tile around the tub will need to be replaced to fit the height or width of the new unit.  Reglazing or Refinishing makes a lot of sense on the other hand when all you desire is just to replace fixtures or giving your bathroom a face lift. This method has been used to cover up and revamp outdated or unwanted color schemes.


The results depend upon the skill of the professional doing the work and the quality of the materials they are using. Bathtub Reglazing is based on comprehensive chemistry, but the most neglected and least understood area is during the surface preparation phase and the proper spraying techniques. Experienced professionals must clean and prepare the surface for bonding.  The bonding phase creates a fresh solid surface that looks and feels brand new.  We recommend using a licensed, insured and bonded company, with an established reputation to guarantee you get the results and beautiful bath tub you desire.

Lasting Effects

Proper Bathtub Reglazing will last many years.  Hiring professional company to complete the job, will assure lasting results and most will provide you a warranty.  After your tub is reglazed and proper care of the new surface will ensure its long lasting effects.  When treated with care, the reglazed tub will last 10-15 years before another application is needed.

If you are considering Bathtub Reglazing, hiring a professional will yield the best results and will last for many years to come. Any questions call us ANYTIME! Also check our blog for future updates!