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5 Years Limited WarrantyWarranty Details

Do not get wet for 30 hours after completion.

Never use suction bathmats, tape or anything that would pull on the finish.

Leaking faucets must be repaired, constant dripping will hurt the finish and cause rust around the drain.

Drains should be kept in good working order. Standing water over time will hurst the finish.

To keep your tub looking good for many years, do not store shampoo bottles etc. on the corner ledge of the tub. This will allow water to become trapped underneath and never dry. In time this will cause excessive wear. Use a shower caddy to avoid this problem.

Nonabrasive clear are best. We suggest Lysol Tub and Tile, Dow Scrubbing Bubbles, or Soft Scrub. Comet or Ajaz will dull the finish with regular use. Avoid cleaning with products that contain a lot of bleach. High bleach concentration can cause the finish to discolor.

Liquid car wax is optional. However it does keep the finish looking it’s best for many years. DO NO PUT WAX ON THE TUB BOTTOM. This will make tub slippery. If you choose to use wax put it around the drain and all other areas EXCEPT where you stand.

If you choose to have a slip resistant bottom applied it should be cleaned with soft bristle scrubs brush and Soft Scrub. Since the slip resistant surface is not shiny it can be cleaned with powder cleansers. Wet surface, shake on cleanser and scrub with soft.

After applying the chemical one has to leave the home 5 to 6 hours because of the strong odor.

After Painting the Shower, Please do not use mats that stick in the inside.

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